Three! – Kora


You continue to be our beach babe. Every February and June for the past few years we go to Hobuck with our framily. You love playing on the beach and wading in ocean no matter the temperature or weather conditions. We put you in your strawberry rain suit and you’ll play until either your hands are numb or we drag you inside. I can’t tell you enough how much we love, how much you love, the beach. It warms our hearts so much because, really, it’s the only place we want to be too.

We wrapped up dance and soccer and school and headed into the summer. It’s kind of crazy to think that when school and activities start next fall, I won’t be with you anymore. I’ve always been with you at co-op preschool and participated in your dance and soccer classes. By the time fall comes around, you’ll be doing all these things on your own. It makes me happy; we’re coming out of the dark ages. But it also makes me sad; my baby is not a baby anymore.

Our summer was packed with friends, swimming lessons and special events like Dawgs Under the Stars. We took a two-week road trip that took us to Chelan with our framily, you loved both the lake and the pool; Spokane to see family, your favorite people on earth; Bend to spend time with our brick house family and your co-conspirator, LaLa;  and Cannon Beach to complete our vacation. Each stop was special for different reasons. I loved watching you and Kade play with friends, family and then just the two of you on the beach, making up games and laughing for hours together.

We also flew to Los Angeles to visit the Museum of Ice Cream and of course got some more summer beach time in. I was pretty thrilled when you decided you wanted to have a “sprinkle” birthday party. The best way to kick off the celebration was at the Museum of Ice Cream in their sprinkle pool. Then we shared cupcakes with friends and partied with family to celebrate the big THREE!

You’re such a big girl. You have strong opinions about everything, love your besties, Adelyn and Grace fiercely, love candy, cake and anything that resembles dessert, love to sing and have the best dance moves ever. Kade is still your favorite person, you sure know how to push his buttons, but your his favorite person too. Love you baby girl!

2.5 – Kora


Two year olds are the best in so many ways. You have a confidence about you that is unrivaled. You walk around like you own the place (no matter the place), with no fear and no regard for anyone else’s judgments. You give zero shits. I love that about you. It is also what drives me absolutely crazy.

When you don’t get a “snack” which to you means “candy”, you are legitimately, throw a screaming fit, pissed off. And you stay mad for a really long time. No doesn’t resonate with you. You think you should get, and get to do, what you want when you want. We’re hopeful, although realistic, that it’s a two thing, not a beast thing.

You started your last year of co-op preschool at Sandhurst with Miss Amy, whom you adore. I was a little nervous about dropping you off (one day I go with you, one day I drop you off) because last year, I couldn’t even go to the parent-ed room without you getting upset and ultimately coming with me. You though, surprised me, daddy, the mom’s at school and Miss Amy when you hugged me goodbye and ran off to play. It barely phased you. Most of me was relieved that the adjustment was so easy but a little tiny piece of me was sad that my brave tiny baby, was growing up and already showing signs of not needing me anymore. I do love how much you love school and how much you love your school friends.

Along with school you started soccer and dance class. You are really good at soccer. We get their early and you score goal after goal and when class starts, you listen to Coach Jack like I’ve never seen before. He spoils you by ensuring you get the purple balls and hula hoops. We dance with Grace, Adelyn and Eloise from school. Teacher Brenna has your heart and you’d rather sit with her than Mommy. My favorite part is when we do introductions and you race around the circle of spots and make a pose in the middle. You’ve never shied away from it and are always so proud with your pose.

You want to do everything that brother does so you and Daddy have been swimming together every Sunday morning while brother has lessons. And now, you don’t read books with Mommy anymore, you read with Daddy and brother. They read the cool big kid books and while it took you awhile to sit for those long big kid books, you’d still rather read with them than Mommy.

You and brother spent a week in Spokane without Mommy and Daddy. I was a little anxious but you and Kade were both really excited and barely wanted to talk to us when we called. You were too busy playing with cousins and doing fun things with Gramma and Papa to even care we were gone. You’d both rather stay in Spokane than be home, which is good, because we know how much you love your Spokane family.

For months you claimed you wanted to be a doughnut for Halloween. I think you didn’t know what you were answering at the time and actually just wanted a doughnut but you never wavered and ended up being the cutest doughnut ever. A year older this Halloween and being obsessed with candy, you were pretty stoked to go door to door collecting candy. The hard part was keeping you focused to keep going because all you wanted to do was eat each piece of candy as you got it.

Your crazy beast side came out strong when you decided you didn’t want to sleep anymore (again). You’d scream for what felt like hours. We were stressed out and you were determined. Daddy spent so much time soothing you and trying to convince you to sleep but you only wanted to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed which meant if you had to climb out of your crib (while in a sleep sack!), that’s what you were going to do. That happened once and we thought it was a fluke. But damn. You are strong and you kept doing it(!) so one night, after you tried once again to throw yourself out the side, we converted your crib to a bed. I’d like to say that solved all of our problems – but it didn’t. I think you really want(ed) a big kid bed like brothers. But something miraculously changed and now you sleep in your own bed. It takes you awhile to fall asleep but instead of screaming, you are happily singing your school songs which means we can all rest easy in the evenings.

For how adventurous and brave you are in so many ways, you have a huge fear of the doctor, the dentist and mascots. The doctor makes sense. You remember everything, better than me sometimes, and the shots at the doctors office have left a lasting impression. Harry the Husky though, I’m not sure what he ever did to you!

You HATE Santa. For the past two years now we’ve left with a classic screaming kid photo (while Kade sits next to you with a huge grin). I can usually bribe you to do just about anything for candy and even candy didn’t work to get you willingly on Santa’s lap (or even to stand next to him). We went to Disneyland as a big family, with cousins, Auntie, Uncle, Gramma and Papa. You were fearless on the rides but when it came to even getting close to Minnie, who you adore, you screamed at the sight, even if we were 30 feet away. Mascots, definitely not your jam.

My happy baby is growing up into a strong, brave, albeit stubborn little girl. We love you, sis.





Just like that, time raced and you are two years old. You bring a joy to our lives that is hard to explain. A certain spunk and attitude that we never knew we couldn’t live without. You are fiery, strong willed, happy and so, so much fun.

You continue to adore and antagonize your brother. My fear is that it will never end. You will always drive him crazy but then we witness these rare moments where we can see how much you two love each. You play nicely together, you worry about each other and despite never getting along, you never want to be apart.

Your favorite books of the moment are “Close your Eyes,” “Ten Little Lady Bugs,” and ” Go, Dog. Go!” You’re patience for longer stories is growing and I love finding new favorite books with you.

You are counting to ten. It’s very random when it happens but we all get really excited and you get so proud. You recognize the number 1. You love the number 5. Like the color purple, when we ask “what number is that?”, it’s always 5.

You are talking non-stop and singing whenever you’re not talking. You love to sing “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Ten little story bots” (from the phone app) and the “ABC’s”.

True to your beast like nature, you love “sneaking” into the pantry to steal almonds. “Sneaking” is in quotes because there is nothing sneaky about it. You’re loud and we all know what’s happening but you think you’re hilarious. To be honest, we think it’s hilarious too.

You are our happy little beast, with your own unique personality. You give the biggest, best hugs that are both and tight. Every part of us wants to capture those tiny little bear hugs, bottle them up and keep you two forever.

Seven Months

In your sixth month, the Beast was born.

We weren’t looking for a nickname but our sweet little baby has officially turned into a beast. You grab at everything in your sight. If it’s just out of reach, you lunge for it. If you want it, you will find a way to get it. Your determination at six months, well, it’s admirable. It also frightens me. You like to stand and will walk if someone is helping. You’ve started to scooch. It’s not quite a crawl, but close. Pretty much you can’t sit still. And I’m scared.

Because you aren’t the best sleeper and because after we sleep trained your brother and were like “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”, we decided it was time.

Dun dun duuuun.

So we did it. And it was brutal. You cried and cried and cried until finally, you slept through the night. And then you got shots and then you got sick and then sleep training was out the window. Your naps are still horrendous. You are constantly reminding us that you are in no way, shape or form, anything like your brother. What worked for him may or may not work for you and we are fools for thinking otherwise. Beast.

We do have some good news. You’re swallowing! Which means you’re eating! We introduced you to mum mums aka baby crack and you’d pretty much eat them all day, everyday. We don’t care – we’re just happy you’re swallowing!

You have started taking baths with your brother. While mostly this is a luxury for mommy and daddy who only have to administer one bath time, you both seem to enjoy the company. You love being in your brother’s space and he loves showing you the ropes.

We might call you the “beast”, and trust me when I say, you’ve earned your nickname; but you have the best smile and best laugh ever. You light up every room you’re in with your big, happy, gummy smile.

Six Months

You are generally a happy, smiley, beautiful baby. You’d think we wouldn’t have a lot to complain about because when you’re awake, you’re more often than not, in a good mood. The problem is, you’re awake ALL THE TIME.

Sleep is not your thing. But it is my thing; and your lack of it is making me really tired. You are up every 2-3 hours at night and your naps are embarrassing. I’m not sure we can even call them naps. They are more like cat naps. 45 minutes, twice a day is what we’re looking at. It’s not enough for me, but it seems to be working for you and I guess that’s what’s important. Sigh.

I always think you should be more tired than you seem to be because you’re so active. You are sitting up on your own now, rolling over with purpose and constantly mimicking us. You’re favorite things to mimick are blowing, like you’re blowing on something hot, and sticking out your tongue.

You can say dadadada and mmmmmm (I’ll take it!).

You seem to be interested in eating but you can’t swallow. Seems weird, I know. You’re willing to try almost anything but nothing seems to stay down. You’ve tried more oatmeal, carrots, squash, pear, banana, avocado. We’ll just have to keep trying until you figure it out.

It’s a good thing you’re super cute, sis. This sleep deprivation…it’s real. We love you!

Five Months

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, the holidays are over and you are five months old. You experienced so many firsts during your fourth month. First visit to Santa, first Christmas, first Seahawks game (which you slept through, despite all the noise from the 12’s), and first New Year.

This month you’ve discovered your toes! You especially love playing with your feet when you’re wearing footy jammies that have animals on them. Something about that kitty cat at your toes, makes you want to grab it, every single time.

You can now roll over from front to back. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that you still aren’t keen with tummy time. So, when given the option of tummy time or rolling, you roll over and stay there. No need to roll back if it means your back on your tummy!

We introduced you to the exersaucer – which you love. Not surprisingly, you’ve already mastered all the things to grab and pull and make noise with. If it can reach to your mouth, it’s been in there. Surprisingly though, baby oatmeal, which we’d like you to put in your mouth, you have no interest in. You let it dribble right back out of your mouth, down your chin; not necessarily because it’s disgusting but because it’s not plastic-y enough, like everything else you put in your mouth? I’m not really sure, whatever it is, you’re not interested. It’s ok. It’s early – we’ll keep trying.

What we have loved most about this month is you have started talking. To Mommy, to Daddy, especially to brother. Really, anyone who is in range, willing or not willing to be your audience, gets to listen to your sweet, happy voice. You seem to have a lot to say! You should know, there’s nothing we’d rather do than listen to every last word; forever and ever.


Santa! I Know Him!

Like last year, Santa was a much bigger success story compared to our tree hunt.  Kade was STOKED!  He couldn’t wait to tell Santa his wish list.  Cars and trains.  That’s it.  Just cars and trains.

We waited in line for pretty much ever to see the big guy.  Kade was so patient and so excited and when the moment came, he rocked it.  Walked right up to Santa, hopped on his lap, smiled for the camera (although in the picture I got he looks a little nervous – he was not), told him what was on his list and gave him a big hug at the end.

You earned your cars and trains, buddy.

Kora could have cared less; and like everything else she can grab, wanted to eat his beard.

IMG_1438 IMG_1446 IMG_1450

Four Months

This month your personality is starting to come out – and I’m a little scared.  You are not a crazy, screamy baby but you do not sit still – ever.  This seems a little soon to me as you’ve just turned four months!

Last month, you discovered your hands and this month, you’ve started grabbing at things and holding on to them.  Instead of just swatting at the lion on your chair, you grab him and yank on him so hard until you’ve pulled him close enough to put in your mouth.

Everything, literally everything, ends up in your mouth.  I know this is a normal baby thing to do.  You drool a lot and you put everything in your mouths -that’s just what baby’s do.  But I do not remember Kade having a need to put everything in his mouth.  When all else fails, and you’ve got nothing close enough to grab, you stick your hands in your mouth.  And not just a finger or two. You go for the gold and shove your entire hand, as far as it will go, into your tiny little mouth.  It does not look comfortable but it makes you happy.

You are so strong.  While you’re not a big fan of tummy time, you’ve got abs of steel.  You love standing.  Already!  I feel like you should not be able to do this yet!  But you love it.  You would rather be standing on our laps than sitting. Your favorite game with Daddy is when he pulls you up from lying on your back all the way to standing.  Because sitting?  What’s that?  You do not do it.

You took your first of many road trips to Spokane.  You did great!  In general, you always do great in the car and while out and about. You go with the flow and are up for anything. If you’re tired, you sleep. If you’re awake you’re taking it all in. As long as you are close to your brother, I don’t think you really care where we are.  You adore him.  And he adores you.  For now.  All bets are off once you’re on the move!

Tree Hunt 2014

We love hunting for our Christmas tree.  Our hope is one day, Kade will love it too. He liked it a little better than last year but he was still pretty whiny and grumpy. He liked cutting down the tree and loved riding the tractor.  Walking through the “forest” was not his cup of tea.  Maybe next year, Kora will encourage a game of hide and seek and get him excited!

Tree Hunt